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Happy Holidays, Holiday Schedule

by David Swadden on December 21, 2023

Tracument Holiday Schedule

Happy holidays to everyone!

We hope you have all your gifts wrapped and winter recipes ready to go so that you can relax with family, friends, and loved ones over the next couple of weeks. To that end, here is Tracument’s holiday schedule:

Please note:

  • Tracument's platforms will be fully operational during this time. However, we will have a slightly reduced support team between Christmas and New Year's.
  • Please, as usual, email for fastest service.
  • Postal services experience a surge in activity during this festive period, which may lead to delays in the delivery of mail sent via post. These delays can last well into January.

Thank you for your support and understanding! We want to thank all of our clients, team members, and suppliers for all their hard work this year. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and an even more wonderful new year filled with happiness and success!

See you next year,
The Tracument Team

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