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by Bibi Siew on April 26, 2024

A Celebration of Legal Administrative Professionals' Day!

About the Outstanding Legal Administrative Professional Award

In March, Tracument launched nominations for an award in preparation for Administrative Professionals' Day. We wanted to celebrate the indispensable force that legal administrative professionals are. From managing calendars to organising files to even drafting documents, they enhance efficiency and productivity in a firm and are instrumental to its success. We wanted to take this opportunity to appreciate all that they do to support the firm.

We wanted to take a moment to put the spotlight on the staff that support the staff who work in the background and are, oftentimes, overlooked.

Appreciating Legal Administrative Professionals

We were blown away by the amount of support from law firms across Canada who submitted a nomination, each dedicated from one coworker to another. They were uplifting and inspiring. There were so many deserving winners, it was nearly impossible to pick just one, however, congratulations are in order for Jessica Murray at Oatley Vigmond who embodies the qualities of an outstanding colleague!

Photo of Jessica Murphy, Senior Legal Assistant at Oaltey Vigmond

We also wanted to take a moment to look at the other nominations and share some of our favourite, heartwarming quotes about Legal Administrative Professionals.

  • “She always goes above and beyond to help our clients. When faced with a task that she has never tackled before, she is willing to learn how to perform the task properly and knows how to ask for help when required.”
  • “Really cares about her Team members. Always willing to help with any task. Goes above and beyond.”
  • “She embodies the qualities of a true team player and a trusted confidante. What truly sets her apart is her genuine concern for the well-being of those around her. In a demanding work environment where time is often scarce, having someone like Anna to confide in is invaluable. Her ability to engage in meaningful conversations and provide comfort is a testament to her empathy and compassion. It is a privilege to have her as a colleague and a friend.”
  • “Literally keeps this firm afloat. Never quits, a true hustler.”

Continue the Celebration!

What was most heartwarming about these submissions was that it was clear that people see each other's efforts. Your coworkers see you, and they are very grateful.

We encourage you to share your praise and appreciation with each other and not to wait until the next Administrative Professionals' Day rolls around. Law firms can be demanding environments: receiving recognition from your colleagues for your hard work and dedication can truly uplift spirits and make a positive difference in your day... it certainly did with us!

Look out for this contest next year! If you want to know more about other surveys and prizes we run (like our Technology Survey next month — with a chance to win a $250 Amazon Gift Card), follow us on social media!

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