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Our Story - About Tracument

by David Swadden on May 4, 2023

Our Story — About Tracument

Welcome to the first of three blog posts about Tracument Solutions Inc. Our clients trust us with their day-to-day operations, and we want them to feel like they know us. Additionally, our history helps explain why we do what we do and offer the services we offer.

Prior to founding Tracument, its founders worked in law firms and thought a lot about efficiency — how can law firms operate more smoothly and reduce non-revenue producing staff time? These are all those tasks that are vital to a file's success, but don't produce extra revenue. During our time working in law firms, we brought in paperless systems, changed how legal professionals worked on files and for lawyers, and introduced many new types of technology. However, there was one process that stayed manual, took a lot of time, and caused a lot of frustration: sending, receiving, and collecting documents.

Tracument's platform was born out of this experience.

Time spent getting documents in and out of a law firm is often frustrating, can produce serious errors, and doesn't produce revenue for organisations. Still, it must be done and the work is important. Firms engaged in litigation, especially, have the added difficulty of trying to collect many documents from third parties. We noticed a lot of frustration on both sides of these transactions.

For all the technological advancements — paperless office, case management software — many firms would still print a thousand pages of documents from their servers, mail the documents, only to have the recipient firm scan and shred them. Requests to third parties often took ages, and were organised and carried out manually. Third-party record holders were frustrated that their invoices went unpaid and confidential documents would go missing.

We incorporated in May 2013 in Vancouver and built our first product over the summer of 2013, launching it at the Pacific Legal Technology conference in October 2013. The first product was designed to address the document request process from both ends. For the doctors, a secure, trackable way to deliver requested records and collect payment for them. For law firms, a process that automated the steps required to request and collect documents.

Our first products were relatively simple compared to what we offer now, but our early clients were wonderful and stuck with us, while providing relentless feedback and support. The system quickly developed and grew into something that started saving a lot of time for our users. One of our earliest users even became our first investor.

In 2015, we opened our office in Toronto, Ontario.

Our system facilitates making requests to record holders, so it has the ability to send faxes and mail. We discovered that some of our users liked these functions so much, they were sending non-request documents through the platform. We separated these functions from the request process and started growing the platform with various communication tools that would be useful to legal and medical professionals.

More features followed: chart transfers, fax and mail-from desktop, incoming fax, and so on until we had eventually become a web-based platform that can offer Canadian law firms and medical clinics purpose-built file delivery tools, all in one place and accessible from anywhere, that are designed to save time and money.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we were proud to hear from many of our clients that our platform enabled their staff to work from home safely and without interruption during a difficult time, despite not having all the tools available in an office. We have used that experience to help more and more law firms and medical clinics pivot to allowing their employees to work from home or adopt a hybrid work model, and we now have users accessing our system all across Canada and at all hours of the day.

Our Company has doubled in size every three years, and to date, we have delivered over 5,000,000 documents to over 400,000 entities and individuals, and have processed nearly half a million requests.

In the near future, we plan to expand to the Maritime provinces and add several new features, such as request hosting, secure forms, and digital signatures.

We invite you to get in touch with us and join thousands of other Canadian professionals who rely on us as we continue to grow.

Our 2022, in numbers:

Infographic showing Tracument's year in numbers

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