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by David Swadden on May 22, 2024

Tracument Integration with Filevine

We are excited to announce that Tracument, a leading document automation and management platform, will soon integrate with Filevine, a premier case management software. This integration is set to revolutionize the way law firms handle documents and case information, ensuring all relevant data is up-to-date and centralized in one place—Filevine.

Tracument is specifically designed to streamline and modernize document workflows, significantly reducing the time and effort required to collect and manage documents. By outsourcing third-party requests to our platform, Tracument can save firms up to 90% of the time they spend requesting third-party documents. Our platform centralizes all request-related activities, making it easier for teams to track, follow up, and manage their document needs efficiently.

Understanding the importance of having all file information consolidated, our integration with Filevine ensures that all document activities and updates seamlessly sync with your case management system. This means no more fragmented information and improved coordination across your legal operations.

This integration will allow Filevine users to leverage Tracument's robust features such as secure digital couriers, virtual mailrooms, and automated or outsourced third-party requests directly within their existing workflows. Legal professionals can now benefit from real-time document tracking, advanced search capabilities, and enhanced collaboration, all within the Filevine environment.

Together, Tracument and Filevine provide a comprehensive solution that enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and allows legal teams to focus on what matters most — delivering exceptional service to their clients.

For more information about Tracument and the new integration with Filevine, visit Tracument and Filevine.

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