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by Heidi Fagalde on November 14, 2023

WFH Series Introduction: The Essentials of Remote Work

The dynamics of remote work have reshaped how we operate, collaborate, and function professionally. As businesses worldwide have pivoted to incorporate remote work as a fundamental part of their operations, it's crucial to understand the multifaceted elements that shape this landscape.

This month's series will begin by exploring the tensions between traditional law firms and the expectations of the new generation entering the legal workforce. While many firms have allowed remote work to continue, there is a growing trend of recalling staff back to the office.

Why is this Happening?

Over the past few years there have been policy changes that have helped employees become more productive and efficient. Because of this, technological implementation has also increased. Employees have invested their time, energy, and money into creating productive and predictive workspaces at home. These investments now give rise to tension as employers abruptly call staff back to the traditional 40-hour work week in the office.

Despite the benefits and praise for remote work, there are numerous challenges associated with it that we will explore in our blogs. One significant challenge being the impact on mental health for those working from home. We will also highlight the importance of self-care and how firms can support their employees' mental well-being while they work remotely.

Finally, we will address the challenges of mentorship in the legal field, given the historical reliance on face-to-face interactions.

How can law firms foster a sense of connection and collaboration in a virtual mentorship setting?

Stay tuned for our upcoming posts as we delve deeper into each of these fundamental elements, examining each component that defines work from home success and sustainability.

The legal landscape is evolving — be part of the transformation.

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