Save 50–75% in staff time by modernising, automating, and centralising document flow.

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Easy to implement and simple to use

Whether you're a large firm or a smaller organisation, Tracument can help you save valuable time in your processes without having to learn complicated software.

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Access from anywhere

Tracument is a web-based software you can use from the office, home, or anywhere with an internet connection.

Add process efficiencies

Centralise and automate tasks you do every day, saving your staff significant time.

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Ease of use

Our Activities Dashboard tracks everything coming in to and leaving from your office, and is fully searchable so that you can see the status of any item within seconds.

Analyze your results

The analytics and management dashboard allows your firm management to maximise staff efficiency and track productivity.

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Fax from Desktop

Most law firms send dozens or even hundreds of faxes a day. Fax from Desktop gives your staff enhanced capabilities over your office fax machine (even digital faxing options), all from the comfort of their desks.


  • Fax Delivery Assistance means our support team assists with faxes that are not delivered on first try.
  • Fax options include sending to multiple recipients in one fax, duplicate, or resend fax.
  • Fax Confirmations can be received by email and confirmations are permanently stored in Tracument.


  • Save time and frustration when a fax does not go through, as we take over and get it delivered (if it cannot be delivered, you can easily switch delivery method to Digital Courier or Mail).
  • Send a fax to multiple recipients with one click and have an easy-to-search record for your file.

Mail from Desktop

Access the mailroom right from your desk! Tracument's Mail from Desktop feature allows users to send mail without the need for printers, letterhead, envelopes, and stamps.


  • Send mail of any size with your letterhead and envelopes to any address on Earth and everything on your end is digital.
  • Option to include a Tracument cheque or return envelope with your piece of mail.
  • Auto-generate various types of letter.


  • Your staff have full mailroom access when working from home.
  • Users can pay for other items related to a file with two clicks or collect documents from clients.
  • Save time and paper instead of generating letters manually.

Request Automator

Requesting documents from a third party or opposing counsel is a multi-step process involving various staff, departments, and multiple pieces of software. Request Automator brings this entire process into one place, automates it, tracks the status of each request, and will keep this aspect of your files organised.


  • Auto-generate request letters & authorisations.
  • Send reminders and cancellation notices with the click of a button.
  • AI-driven internal reminders for follow-ups.
  • Ability to send a Tracument cheque for an initial prepayment, and pay for all incoming records with two clicks.


  • One-click reminders save valuable time and result in records that are provided faster.
  • Tracument allows you to see the status of all requests in on place, so vital documents are not forgotten.
  • Paying for records is much easier with Tracument: no cheque requisitions, waiting for signatures, or drafting payment letters.

Looking to outsource requests for any type of third-party documents? Let us handle it!

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Full Service Requests

Outsource requests for third-party documents to Tracument and let us handle it! Simply tell us what you need, provide an authorisation, and we will do all the work until we deliver digital, OCR records directly to you through our secure portal.


  • Receive confirmation and updates at every stage of the request.
  • Request any records in Canada — medical, employment, government, or financial.
  • Complete transparency, so you can see exactly when we will follow up before launching the request.
  • Auto-generate authorisations with one click.
  • Discounts provided depending on the volume of requests each month.
  • Full cost recovery to your accounting system.


  • Incredibly fast turnaround time facilitated by knowledgeable and experienced record-collecting clerks.
  • Complete control over and up-to-date information about the status of your requests.
  • Excellent client support.
  • All requests centralised in one place.
  • Save immense amounts of staff time.

Secure Send

Secure Send allows you to easily send any size and number of files securely and instantly to opposing counsel, clients, experts, or insurance companies. Choose a recipient, set a password, drag and drop your documents, and send!


  • Send any size and type of document by secure link to anyone with an email address anywhere in the world.
  • Chain of custody is tracked so you know down to the second when items are delivered.
  • Unique binder option allows multiple documents to be merged into one document with an index.


  • Fast like email, but secure like a courier, you can send anything to any recipient or recipients with the best of both worlds.
  • Permanent record of when documents are sent, to whom, and when they are downloaded that you can rely on (including in court, if necessary).
  • Binder option quickly organises multiple documents into a branded, easy-to-read format for experts and clients.

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Secure Portal

Secure Portal is designed to provide your staff with a better tool for receiving documents from clients, experts, or other law firms. Any size, number, and type of file can be collected at the highest levels of security.


  • Documents arrive already organised, related to a file, searchable, and in a digital format.
  • Automated notifications for added convenience.
  • Send reminders and cancellation notices with the click of a button.


  • Save time not having to scan and organise incoming documents.
  • Get notified immediately with an email when documents arrive.
  • Receive documents faster with one-click reminders.


With Paywall, send chargeable documents securely to anyone in the world with an email address. Payment is required before the recipient can access documents.


  • Once documents are added and price(s) set, Tracument sends out a secure notice to the recipient.
  • Tracument receives and processes the payment on your behalf.
  • Once payment has been processed, a paid Invoice is sent to the recipient, and documents are immediately available for download.


  • Save valuable staff time in responding to record requests.
  • Save bookkeeper time not having to manage A/R and process payments.
  • Recipients love it because they receive the documents digitally and immediately upon payment processing.

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Incoming Fax

Tracument can completely replace your fax machine. With our Incoming Fax service, you can receive faxes from anywhere in the world, but the experience is entirely digital on your end.


  • Get cost recovery for incoming faxes, something that almost every firm misses.
  • No need to scan incoming faxes and they can be routed with one click and then accessed digitally.
  • Infinite number of incoming lines means no more busy signals.


  • Allows incoming faxes to be disbursed back to your clients, potentially doubling your revenue from your fax machine.
  • Save staff time spent scanning printed faxes and notify the correct person immediately when a fax arrives.
  • No busy signal for firms trying to fax you means less frustration all around.

Cost Recovery

Automate Cost Recovery to your accounting system so you never miss a disbursement.


  • Reports are emailed to your bookkeeper and can be imported in seconds.
  • Analytics show you where you are missing disbursements due to bad matter numbers.
  • Cheques sent through Tracument can also be imported instead of tediously writing payment cheques one-by-one.


  • Save lots of bookkeeper time as they do not have to post disbursements.
  • Get Cost Recovery on items you might normally miss, like incoming faxes.
  • Do a week's worth of cheques in seconds.

Note: All of the above activity can be automatically recovered to your client files with most major law firm accounting programs, turning Tracument into a strong revenue generator for your firm.

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