Save 50–75% in staff time by modernising, automating, and centralising document flow.

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by Bibi Siew on April 19, 2024

4 Ways to Support Legal Administrative Professionals

Both administrative and operational professionals (paralegals, office managers, etc.) play crucial roles within their teams. Providing them with the necessary support and right technology is essential for maximising efficiency and effectiveness. This can be as simple as boosting the speed of the internet, or upgrading their computers. Here are some ways to ensure the professionals you work with feel heard and supported:

  1. Invest in Automation

    A legal professional juggles numerous tasks daily, from scheduling appointments to preparing for trial. Managing these tasks manually can easily lead to errors and wasted time. Investing in automation minimises these while enhancing efficiency. Tracument, for instance, can save 50%-75% of staff time by modernising, automating, and centralising document flow!

  2. Adapting to Remote Work Dynamics

    Firms are actively adopting remote work practices by granting administrative professionals the flexibility of remote or hybrid work arrangements. While this shift may enhance work-life balance, it also highlights the need for robust technological solutions. As a result, firms must invest in technologies that facilitate seamless communication and coordination among dispersed teams, ensuring continuity and efficiency in daily operations. These examples can include: PracticePanther, Clio Manage, and MyCase

  3. Leverage AI

    Building relationships with lawyers, other legal professionals, and industry organisations through networking events, professional associations, and online platforms. Networking can help you stay informed about job opportunities, gain insights into your legal positions, and expand your professional network. One good way of doing this is to join different local or national associations to connect with peers and access resources tailored to your profession.

    Legal tech solutions are increasingly integrating AI into their software, revolutionising administrative workflows in firms. Leveraging AI-powered software for document analysis empowers administrative and operational professionals. Specialised case management tools, for example, enable them to deliver high-quality support services with precision and speed.

  4. Cultivate a culture of innovation and adaptability

    This approach helps firms empower administrative and operational professionals to thrive in a constantly changing landscape. Regularly check in with your staff to understand their challenges. By nurturing this culture, firms encourage staff to actively contribute ideas and implement tools to meet evolving client needs, leading to success in a competitive industry.


Law firms must support administrative and operational professionals as much as these professionals support the firm. These individuals are vital for the firm's smooth operation, handling crucial tasks like communication, workflow management, and document review. By investing in their development and providing access to the latest technologies, firms empower them to thrive in a competitive environment. Adopting cloud-based collaboration platforms, tailored legal tools, advanced document management systems, and AI-powered virtual assistants enhances their efficiency and effectiveness. This support ensures that administrative and operational professionals are well-equipped to contribute to the firm's success in the evolving legal landscape.

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