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Please enjoy a selection of reports and other tools we've created to help you gain practical insights that can guide professionals and practices towards a path of resilience and growth.

Tracument conducts three comprehensive surveys each year to gather insights on annual trends, challenges, and expectations within the legal profession. These surveys cover a range of topics, from remote work dynamics to emerging technological trends, providing a clear picture of the industry's current trajectory and how organizations are adapting. Discover what your peers are saying about the industry and identify opportunities for you to stand out in this evolving market.

Cover of our 2024 Legal Trends and Challenges Report

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Eager to delve into the latest trends and challenges faced by the Canadian legal community in 2024? Dowbload our FREE 2024 Legal Trends and Challenges Report.

You'll also get valuable insight into how law firms are elevating their practice.

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Unlock the strategic advantages of hiring top talent, download our 2023 Early Career Legal Survey.

Discover what aspiring legal professionals expect as they enter the industry and how prepared law firms are to respond to the demands of junior staff.

Cover of our 2023 Legal Trends and Challenges Report

Unlock the Insights!

Understand key trends and challenges in the Canadian legal field. Download our 2023 Legal Trends and Challenges Report and delve into crucial areas related to core elements of a law firm.

You'll also gain practical insights that can help guide your practice.

Cover of our 2022 Legal Survey Report

Want to Increase Retention and Attract New Talent to Your Firm?

If you are interested in learning more about WFH technologies and how to support remote employees, download our in-depth 2022 Legal Survey Report to understand vital new trends and get valuable advice that will help you get and keep top lawyers and employees.

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